Top Tips for Maintaining Your Garage Door Rollers

The different metal garage door parts can be divided into two categories – moving and stationary. The moving ones are subject to greater wearing due to the friction between them and other components. That is why they are more likely to cause trouble. The garage door rollers belong to this particular category.


Garage Door Rollers



Find out more about how to maintain garage door rollers effectively.

Garage Door Maintenance Ventura

The useful life of rollers and all other hardware parts can be extended with proper maintenance. These components in particular require proper cleaning. It they have an all-metal make, the wheels will require lubrication with a product recommended by the manufacturer of the overhead door. Always check the components for damage and extensive wearing. Ensure that the hinges which hold them in place are not loose, worn or damaged.

Roller Types and Options

The rollers are responsible for keeping the door securely in place and for its proper and safe movement. They are attached with the use of special hinges which are set on the sides of the garage door panels. In general, the hinges have two purposes – they connect the panels and house the roller stems. The wheels of the rollers are set inside the tracks. In this way, when the door opens and closes, the panels are guided along the tracks with the help of these small moving components.

There are two types’ rollers:

The traditional ones have stems and wheels made from steel. It is important for the components to be made from either stainless or galvanized steel so that they do not get rusty and start to malfunction.

The second option is to have rollers with steel stems and nylon wheels. These components have two major advantages over their counterparts Firstly, they are much quieter. Additionally, they do not require lubrication maintenance. At the same time, they are not as hard-wearing as their all-metal counterparts.

Garage Door Roller Repair Ventura

There are several problems that can occur with the rollers. The traditional all-metal components may become dry. If this happens, you will hear scraping sounds when they travel along the tracks Lubrication will resolve the problem, but it is best if the tracks are cleaned and aligned as well Count on us to dome job in the shortest time. If you have damaged track brackets or missing or broken bolts, they will be changed right away.

Sometimes, the rollers perform poorly because the cylinders of the garage door hinges that house them have worn. If the cylinders are oval rather than round, this is a sign that they have come to the end of their useful life. Let us replace them with new ones of the same size and design.

Rely on us for roller replacement as well. This type of fix is necessary in case of a twisted or broken stem. Even if they do not suffer breakage, these components will get extensively worn at one point. When this happens, they will start making popping sounds which are very easy to recognize. Share the issue with us to get brand new rollers. They will be of the right size and of high quality

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