Top 3 Garage Door Safety Tips

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There are various types of garage door safety risks associated with operating and caring for a garage door. You may pinch your fingers when cleaning the panels or even be seriously injured if you try to adjust the torsion coil trampoline spring by yourself. The good news is that you can effectively minimize these risks. You just need to take a set of effective measures.


garage door safety


Garage doors can be extremely unsafe. You’ll need to take proper precautions to protect yourself and your family.

Check out our garage door safety tips.

 1 Safe Installation is a key

In order for the system to work safely, all components have to be set securely in the right places All wall-mounted opener accessories, such as the control panel and the wireless keypad have to be installed at least five feet above the floor. In this way, young children will not be able to reach them and play with them. Count on us to do everything as required when we install an overhead door for you

In general, the garage door opener that you use must meet the UL 325 safety standard. The devices meet this standard have a safety reversal mechanism and a pair of safety sensors. These features reduce the risk of a person, pet or object being accidentally hit by the door during closing.

2 Garage Door Maintenance Ventura

In order to remain as safe as possible, the system requires proper upkeep. It is crucial for the safety sensors and reversal mechanism to be tested at least every three months. To test the sensors, you need to open the door and set a solid object in front of one of them to block it. Then you need to initiate closing with the garage opener remote. The door must not move. If it keeps going down, the sensors have to be fixed or replaced night away.

The safety reversal mechanism is tested in the same way with the only difference being that the safety sensors should not be blocked by the object placed underneath the door. You can use a tall chair, a bar stool or a double ladder. When the item is in place, push the button on the remote. The door should go down slowly and reverse immediately upon contact with the object. If it does not, the opener must be fixed without delay.

The maintenance work should also involve the inspection of all components for damage and be wearing. If issues are found, you should have them fixed right away in order to prevent an accident and the safety risks associated with it. Rely on us for both professional maintenance and repair

3 Garage Door Repair Ventura

One of the best ways for an automatic overhead door to remain safe is timely repair. You should learn not to ignore problems even if they seem to be small. Worn garage door rollers, for instance, may damage the track and cause the spring to work harder making it more likely to break before the end of its estimated cycle life. Share all issues with us to receive a quick and effective fix. One really important safety precaution to take in case of serious trouble such as broken spring or cable is not to operate the door until the problem has been resolved completely.

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