Repair Garage Door with Garage Door Doctor

It is true that the metal garage door parts are at higher risk of damage due to the hard work they do, but this does not mean that the panels are completely protected. They are constantly exposed to the effects of the elements and can also be dented, bent and even broken in case of an accident.

Repair Garage Door


Minor issues such as scratches, bending and small holes are fixed with skillful repair by our technicians. When a garage door panel is severely damaged, corroded or completely broken, it is replaced with a new one. The new panel will have not only the same size, but the same design and make as the old one. In this way, it fits the system perfectly. There is no need for adjusting the spring or for repainting the whole door so that all panels will have the same color. The new panel will be installed securely in place.


Repair Garage Door at low price

Most overhead doors are made of steel. Even if the panels are covered with weather-resistant paint, wax or another type of protective material, they may still get rusty. Usually, the bottom panel is affected. This problem occurs due to the fact that it is exposed to various types of damaging chemicals. The list includes driveway cleaners, garage floor cleaners and road salts left by car tires. Count on us for effective garage door repairs in case of rusty panels. The rust will be removed and the condition of the affected sections will be restored completely.


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