Garage Door Repairs


A broken garage door does not mean that it is time to get a new garage door. There are many possibilities that can cause lead a garage door that does not work smoothly:

Garage Door Repairs

If you think that your garage door in Ventura may have a problem, and you are not sure about it, please call us, and we will be happy to assist you free of charge. Do not ignore the problem, even if it is only a noisy garage door, a small problem will always grow to a bigger one, and the garage door repair that you will eventually need will cost you much more time and money.

Garage Spring Repairs

Please know, that a broken garage door spring is dangerous, and a garage door with a broken spring — whether it is a torsion spring system, or extension spring system, should not be used. Install safety cables for extension springs. Those cables are there in case one of the garage door springs will break. In that case, the safety cables will try to minimize the damage that a broken spring, which is under a lot of tension, can cause.

You should know that not every garage door spring will fit any garage door. Many calculations were made, to fit the right spring for the overhead door, and using the wrong spring will end with a door that doesn’t work, and can even be dangerous.

Garage Opener Repairs

If your garage door is automated, and your garage door motor (Opener) is not working like it used to work; it does not always mean that the reason for that is a problem with the opener. The most lifting and lowering power is not coming from the opener but from the spring system. If one of the springs is broken, lose, or not adjust, it means that the spring system isn’t doing its part in the lifting, and the opener need to do the garage door lifting instead of the damages spring and that what makes it seem like the problem is coming from the opener.

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