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Garage door Opener

Garage door opener are available in different types- screw-drive, chain drive, and belt drive styles. There are different requirements and costs for each type.The Garage Door Doctor also provides garage door opener repair in whole of Ventura Country. Our Garage door opener includes lift master garage door opener, raynor garage door opener and many more.

Chain DRIVER opener

The Chain DRIVER is the most common and most reliable opener. It is strong and durable and will perform reliably year after year. The chain drive runs the garage door on its tracks with the use of a metal chain. The Chain drive is the least expensive but also is the nosiest of all three types of openers. Chain drives are not for you if your garage is located next to or below the main rooms in your home. If your garage is not attached to your home and if you can tolerate noise, then the chain Driver may be your best option.

Belt DRIVER Opener

The belt Drive is noiseless and rated by the garage industry as the # 1 Garage door opener. The belt drive is as reliable as the chain drive but is very quiet. This type is more expensive, and is a better alternative when compared with the chain drive opener. This is the perfect garage door opener if your garage is connected to your home and if bedrooms are close to the garage.

Screw DRIVER opener

If you really need to find the cheapest garage door openers, then the screw-driven opener is your best option. Screw drive openers are the noisiest and the slowest type of openers on the market. The screw drive opener uses a threaded steel rod rather than a belt or chain. There is a significant drawback in having this type of opener installed on your garage door. It needs consistent climatic conditions for it to function optimally. The recommendation is that this type of opener should only be used in places where the weather and temperature remain constant. The screw drive opener is ideal for persons who live in temperate regions and if you do not open the door regularly. The screw drive opener is not popular and so is not in high demand.

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