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Custom Garage Door-Wood Carriage House Doors

Would you like to increase your home’s curb appeal? Choose conspicuous wood carriage house doors to beautify your home. Real estate studies have revealed that wood carriage house doors push up the value of your home. Install the wood carriage house door on your garage to enhance the exterior of your home. Watch your neighbor’s eyes pop wide open! They won’t be able to resist more than that “second look.” Who knows, just maybe they’ll come asking where you got that one.

Custom Garage Door-Steel Garage Doors

Steel is durable and this makes it the most popular material used for garage doors these days. The beauty about steel is not only its durability and attractiveness but the fact that it is almost maintenance-free. It is the least expensive garage door on the market, so if you want to add more curb appeal to your home, choose a Steel Door in Carriage Style, it might be just what you’ve been looking for.

Custom Garage Door-Vinyl Garage doors

Do you need a garage door that is almost indestructible, one that needs no maintenance and will look great for years and years? Then of course, choose the Vinyl Garage door. It is a popular garage door option. Vinyl garage doors won’t rot, peel, rust or warp and they virtually scratched or dent resistant. There is no need to stain or paint this type of door. They are “ready-made” for installation and have good insulation. Vinyl garage doors may be the very last door you’ll ever need to install on your home.

Custom Garage Door

Custom doors are unique and can be another option for your garage. You can choose custom doors that blend well with the design of your home. They are available in many options such as Swing Out, Swing Up, Bi-fold and Accordion. Design styles include a reflection of old world doors, with decorative hand-forged hardware and architectural glass option. When you need an architectural style to complement the design of your home, choose custom garage doors!

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